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I would love help with an audit on my site

I am looking for help (Don, if you are reading this I have tried to reach you and hope you are well) 

Having not heard from Don, I would really like some help with my website. I am trying so hard to self teach SEO. I don't expect anything free. Would love for someone to look over my site and say "woah, you NEED help" or "hey you can likely do this". I have trusted many admins on this site. I am familiar with the old SEO chat and so glad to see this one up and running! 

Just a human trying to make connections with this damn machine I feel like I am married to at the moment with all the time I spend on it! Highly determined and motivated. 

Thanks in advance for any help! Chedders, I sent you a PM but have no clue if you responded because I can't find messages.. There may be no hope for me!   My website is    Thank you kindly!

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We just completely revamped our SEO audit process - DM me let’s talk - will see how we can help and check out your URL

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Thank you so much - sending out a DM to you :)
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Hello Nicola,

Love the images!!

Sitting at number 2 locally - I think you have part of your answer!

I have only had a brief look on various devices and could not see whether you have completed all sections of your Google My Business profile, particularly the description? If it is there and fully completed - great. If not, I would recommend that it is, as it can be very powerful in supporting your local SEO efforts.

From a user perspective, on all devices, I found the text would be easier to read, and look better, if larger. I would suggest this becomes critical when viewed on a mobile.

I think you are doing great and only need to call in a professional if there is something that you can't fix or overcome. Using good forums like this one will generally get you by.

Well Done!


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Thank you for your feedback, Neil! I believe the description is filled out - I will double-check though! I will take a look at the text and see how to make sure it is easier to read by making it larger :)
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I’ve passed this onto Don. He messaged me yesterday so I think he’s healthy etc. I assume he’ll message you later today when his side of the pond is awake ??

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Thank you so much Matt! Glad to know he is okay, I am sure I do his head in at times, LOLOLOL I am originally from the UK.. Wales, I am now, here in the states! I miss the UK a lot. Thank you for passing on my message to him. Hopefully, he still has my contact number.
He's spoken about you in the past. I'm a huge admirer of your work, you're extremely talented at what you do!
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