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Is Facebook campaign helps in generating valid leads ?

Hello Friends, 

I have a service-based website. It is six months old website, but still not getting any leads from it. I heard about the Facebook campaign, but not sure whether it will generate leads or not.

Please suggest what are the best way to get leads and traffic on my website. 

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Base answer to your question: Yes a Facebook campaign can generate leads.

Read up on what Ryan Steward has done with Facebook and re-targeting. He just posted yesterday about this.

Depending on what your service is, you might want to advertise to a warmed up audience with re-targeting rather than just cold advertising.

Also - if you install the Facebook pixel on some specific conversion pages you can build a custom or look a like audience. Your conversion rates will be much better.

Ryan also pointed out that Facebook is very good at finding qualified buyers. The value is to build your brand and SEO and general organic social media is best to do that but to get sales Facebook can be qucik and effective if done right.

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Thank you, for your kind suggestion
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over a year ago

Absolutely yes, Facebook campaigns are the most effective way to generate valid leads and traffic to your website. And to get quality leads, I would recommend you try Leads2List which will provide you with quality and verified customer leads directly from Facebook automatically. It is very cost-effective too. Hope this helps, Good luck!

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