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Is it considered SEO cannibalization if two pages with different intents rank for the same keyword

Hi, I need some help,Please!

I read an article by SEMrush the other day that having two pages with different intents, rank for the same keywords is not considered SEO cannibalization. So when I went to Google Search Console to see the keywords each page is ranking for (one page is a blog page-informational intent, while the other is a products page-commercial intent). 

It indicates that both pages are appearing on the first page (both with different rankings), but when I go do an incognito search and type in the keyword it only shows the blog (informational intent) with the other page (commercial intent) not spotted anywhere.

could this be a result of SEO cannibalization? 

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The simple answer is "yes".

Now as to why the pages are competing for the search term can be explained as ...

Google's algo's thinks your blog page is the better answer for your search term.

One thing I see a lot is that folks when optimizing a page don't understand the difference between keyword
intent.  So i ask you, is the keyword a 'buy word" meaning are they ready to buy or just seeking more info?

if it is a buy word then you need to revamp the pages in question.

Hope this helps you. 

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