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Is Using "Check Page Rank" to determine accurate Website ranking a good option?

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I was recently asked to start tracking our client and company page ranks on Google. My boss wants me to use checkpagerank dot net but I am not familiar with the website and its accuracy. I used to focus on Domain Authority as a way to measure the website performance and use keywords to measure page ranks according to them.

Does anyone have advice regarding the best way to measure Page Rank? Most of the apps I have used in the past also allows you to check specific regions and I am not sure if this makes that much difference.

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A long time ago about 2016 ( six years in seo is a long time ) , Google removed PR from Public View.

Meaning no one can provide you with Google's PR for a particular site, except Google of course, but hey
they removed it so you can't see it.

That site can only provide you with numbers that it generates to approximate what they think the PR

In my opinion, Ahref's and Moz provide the most accurate approximations of PR.

Good advice?
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