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Mobile and Desktop site URL

Hi All,

Please help me with the below question:

I have a website and I have created different URLs for desktop and mobile by using automatic redirections.

The desktop URL is and its canonical is also

The mobile Url is and its canonical is pointing to desktop URL which is

I am not sure if the mobile site URL has the correct canonical or not? Whether its canonical should be desktop URL or self canonical i.e

Please help with this



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When the whole mobile device took off Google came out and stated using a directory /m or a subdomain was perfectly acceptable, They understood either routes and many went the subdomain route. 

However, things have moved on and now googles primary search results is the mobile version of the site. With this in mind, most webmasters dropped their version and went for a responsive design. 

Having a responsive design means you only have 1 lot of code to look after so long term makes your life a hell of a lot easier. 

Having said that if making it a responsive site and you're now stuck with 2 separate sites then both canonicals (desktop and mobile) should point to the mobile version as this is what Google will be indexing and largely ignoring your desktop version. 

Good advice?
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Okay. But before that Should I check the traffic as well? Mobile vs Desktop and then put the canonicals accordingly. Also, I checked the cache of my desktop URL it shows me the mobile cached version as the mobile website has a different design than the desktop site. Does it mean that Google has already started considering my mobile site and ignoring the desktop site?
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Consult an SEO expert or web designer to get a good idea about this

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Hi Anny, please provide value to the forum or don't answer at all. If the "go talk to an SEO expert" answers continue, I'll be banning you and your network.
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