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My blog on Blogspot not indexed

Using a gmail id I created a blog on blogspot on 16 Sep, 2020. Since then I have posted 10 posts. Each post consists of original content and of 500 words.

But my blog on blogspot has not been indexed as 22 days have been passed.

Let me explain the issue more in detail. In april this year I created a blog on blogspot using same gmail id. But due to some issues I deleted that blog just after 2-3 days after creation. I created another blog in April but that blog was not indexed even after 30 days. So I deleted that also.

Now there is another thing. The gmail id using which I created blog in Sep now says You can’t send or receive emails because you’re out of storage space when I access gmail. Will it cause any indexing issue.

Kindly suggest the solution.

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We would need to take a look at the site to give you any meaningful suggestions.

Post the url of the site here ....

Some things to look for in the meantime are ....

did you set the site to no-index

did you use robots meta tag to stop Google from crawling your site

Good advice?
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