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Nice-looking, 600+ issues site with poor structure. Should I start over?

So I commissioned someone I have a good repor with to design a WP site for me using a custom theme for my PC services business. I think the style and theme are great, but...

1)He performed the job as if I had asked him to entirely create a site for me with little to no input on my behalf. There are many things I need to change and find doing so difficult bc of unfamiliar plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution among others.

2)Without deleting anything yet, I did a site audit with SEMrush and there are 600+ issues and 78 errors: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AsYZObWoazxfk0phU880wCvNMJfJ?e=d3OPc6

3)He tried to do me a favor in including a bunch of premium plugins, but none are activated and something is keeping WP from updating to the latest version. That for security I don't like one bit.

I wasted a lot of time editing content strictly based on how he had it laid out. As it is now, everything is basically on the homepage and its overwhelming. in order to rank best in search engines (correct me if im wrong) i need it structured like:

home page>business description + attractive listing of services all with links>detailed specific service description

I'm riddled with indecision. I want this site to retain the look it has, but it has to be user-friendly and have strong structure for UI and SEO content. I spent a lot of time researching keywords and variations for their likelihood to rank (most of which isnt even visible bc I cant decide what to do) and without entirely different structure it will all be for not.

Most of all, at this point I just want the damn thing done because the google listing is fine and receiving plenty of traffic, but not having the legitimacy of a site to link it to is killing me so I'm not getting calls.

What should I do?? Should I edit and delete what I want and then fix all of these issues SEMrush reported? Im thinking scratch it bc Im so tired of not being able to figure out how to edit some tiles and headers and then how do I delete so much of what hes done without creating more errors?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I believe, having now put this all to paper, the answer is to kindly ask for the theme code and start fresh with that on my own, sacrifice some appealing visuals and keep it error free from the beginning. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Its actually not that bad.

A large number of issues from SEM Rush isn't necessarily terrible. You will want to get errors fixed.

I would suggest you just have someone fix the word press site.

The security issue can and will become a big deal so that should be priority number 1.

Good advice?
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