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On Site SEO - 1000's of indexed and redirected pages in another language


I need the insight of someone with either SEO or on-site technical experience with WordPress.

I am optimising the product pages for a client. it only has around 22, plus a few blog articles.

But when I do a site operator in Google I get over 100K of indexed pages in Japanese!!


In Google search Console I find another 26K pages that have been excluded from their index.

See image: https://prnt.sc/tvh18k

How can I find the source of these pages - and deal with the problem?
Do these pages represent a problem when it comes to what I want to rank (the product pages)?

Any suggestions would be great.



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This is quite a common hack I am afraid. I would imagine some plugin has not been kept up to date which allowed them in. 

I doubt you will find the pages as such as they are generated dynamically, Its a bit hard to say which file they would have re-written to produce these pages but I believe functions.php is a common target. 

Seeing as the site is small it may be the easiest to take a backup of the pages and graphics you want to keep and re-install Wordpress then restore your pages. 

There are quite a few plugins that would prevent this from happening in the future but I am afraid I don't know which is currently the best but a little research should find the most popular if you search for security.

Sorry, I can't help further as I am not a Wordpress user/fan but hopefully you can get it sorted. 

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As Chedders has pointed out, this is a very common problem.

If you would provide me your website domain name I will take a look at the site and give you some recommendations.

You can post the domain here in the public or PM me direct.

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