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Web 2.0 Backlink Indexing

I am doing SEO for a website. I created some post on strikingly. Content is unique and of 500 words. Posted 4 articles. Let's say url is

I posted 4 articles on Sep 23, 2020. How long does it take to index? Is there any limit for number of articles for getting indexed in google when we create a subdomain on strikingly?

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There is no easy answer to this as it depends on so many other things, it can be within minutes to never. I will try and explain. 

Every site has a crawl budget, the size of your crawl budget is dependant on the size of your site and the speed of your site. The faster it is the more pages it will crawl per visit. How often google visit will also depend on how many genuine external links google finds when crawling other sites.

You can get an idea of your crawl budget by looking at search console and see how often google visits and how many pages it crawls per visit. 

Now what pages are crawled is I am afraid random. Google will crawl known pages and if it finds a link to a new page then that gets added to the list for future crawling. But I cannot stress enough it's random and as such, it can be weeks before that page gets its turn to be crawled. 

Once crawled it then gets passed on for indexing, the page then gets checked for quality and uniqueness. If everything is good then it will get into the index at a position google deem by its value to its users. 

So as hopefully you can see putting a time scale on when a page will be in the index is impossible to predict. Assuming the quality is good if it's not then it can be rejected and never appear. 

You can bypass all of this and in search console submit the page in question, Google will then visit that page and start the process early. It's not guaranteed that it will appear in the index but it can be a short cut. 

Good advice?
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