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What is the best SEO tool to use?

I'm trying to figure which the best SEO tool I can use. Any opinions?

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SEO tools selection is depend upon the requirement. There are various tools used for different Purpose. below are some of the important SEO tool you can use:

  1. Google Analytics: For tracking your website. Good for getting information about the interaction of the users with the website. 
  2.  Google search console: This tool is used to track backlinks and any errors within the website.\
  3. SEM Rush: It is also very good tool for SEO. You can use this only one tool for SEO. It tells everything about your website SEO.
  4. Google page speed checker: FOr checking the loading time of the website
  5. Google Keyword planner: This tool help you to find keywords searched by the internet users.
  6. Google trends: It tells the current trending news or topic on Google.
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