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Buy 250+ Backlinks At Just $100 - Guaranteed Top Ranking in #10

Are you Looking for high-quality Link building backlinks Service?

Package contains from update 2020.
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All of the above is called spam. "Guaranteed top 10 ranking" is absolutely horse trollop. Don't buy links from this individual.

Good advice?
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The quickest way to get your site de-indexed. 

When will people learn?

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Following me on Quora and posting the same crap is not going to help....

Spam is Spam no matter where you post it..... Quora even deleted your comment....

Hey mate don't ride me coattails, keep some distance please....

You also understand that "Self Promotion" is not allowed here ?

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I was going to ban, but I thought I'd demonstrate that these methods will not help in modern-day SEO. If either of you guys feels it would be better to ban, fire away.
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