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Improvise penalization ranking

Hello everybody,

my name is Alessandro and together with my wife Marianna I have been running a wedding planning business for two years, dealing mainly with foreigners who are planning to get married in Italy.

I don't know if the policy of the community allows users to communicate the website subject of the issue, however our website can be visited at the link

We entrusted our SEO implementation to an agency and they immediately gave us an editorial plan in order to publish articles in regards to the wedding sector.

The first six months (from April to September 2019) we achieved interesting results.

Our keywords that we have worked on the most and that interest us more are

"wedding planner italy"

"wedding planner tuscany"

"wedding planner rome"

"wedding planner Amalfi"

"wedding planner sorrento"

Around last October (I believe due to the latest google updates) the keyword "wedding planner Tuscany" from position 27 disappeared from the top 100 positions, and the keyword "wedding planner rome" from position 12 passed to position 40.

The keyword "wedding planer italy" has remained unchanged. We do not understand why it did not appear in the top 100 positions even before the google update….

However the agency did not explain us the reason.

In any case, our concern mainly concerns the keywords "wedding planner Italy", "wedding planner Rome" and "wedding planner Tuscany".

Regarding "wedding planner Tuscany" we are surprised that we have totally disappeared from the top 100 positions.

With "Wedding planner Rome" we arrived at the position 40 (in September we were at position 12).

However, we don't understand why the keyword "wedding planner Italy" has always been excluded from the first 100 position ranking of Google.

The SERP results to which I refer concern the research carried out by the USA (area from which we obtain more customers).

To monitor the situation we use the portal

Could you give us some useful advice on what happened with these three keywords in particular?

The company that follows us has failed to give us convincing explanations.

We were told that there were dubbed keywords on the website but we wonder why they didn't notice it before.

We have now removed the dubbed keywords and a month has passed since then, but we have not seen any improvements for the keyword "wedding planner tuscany".

We have seen an improvement only for "wedding planner Rome" but only for 6 positions (from 40 to 34).

For "wedding planner italy" nothing has changed.

To conclude, there is also to consider a possible mistake that we made.

In writing these articles from April to September 2019, we often copied texts from other websites written in italian and translated them with google translator into English by making small changes to the text, and correcting it as much as possible and then posting them in our blog.

Initially google did not penalize us for this, indeed it made us go up a lot in the ranking. But then what happened?

Is it possible that Google is now able to trace the original text in Italian and penalize me because I translated it into English and posted it on my website?

In any case, to intervene on this possible problem we have tried as much as possible to modify the texts already written on our blog making them as authentic as possible.

Thank you very much for your valuable support


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A tricky one. 

There are 2 areas to check really. Firstly you need to check your backlink profile, make sure this agency has not been building a load of spammy links to give you an early boost. Often these agencies have link building as part of their strategy which is highly dangerous. 

The other area to check is the site itself.  

As a wedding site, I understand images are an important part of the design however it is also killing your site performance.
Have a look at this link to see what I mean

The other thing you need to look at is the speed of your home page. 

Google loves fast sites, so much so they made it part of their ranking signals. On a mobile device, the site just don't work, well not at speed it doesn't. Since Google started using mobile-first as its main indexing, slow sites have been hit. You really need to get that speed down to single figures and the lower the better. 

Good advice?
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Hi Alessandro

You got a few problems with the site. 

Your content is not prioritized for above the fold display.  Most of your pages in fact have no content above the fold except for a full width header picture.

You would be better served by moving your text content above the fold.

You content is not very in depth on the topic of weddings..... it is almost thin.

Here is just one instance on using this page

You use the line....

The best locations for weddings in Tuscany!

Unforgettable places like Siena, Val d’Orcia, Valdelsa, Chianti, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, and Florence represent the image of the Tuscan beauty.

I would reword this as follows: ( the reason being Google loves questions and answers )

What are the best locations for weddings in Tuscany ?

Unforgettable places like Siena, Val d’Orcia, Valdelsa, Chianti, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, and Florence represent the image of the Tuscan beauty.


You also say...

"Is it possible that Google is now able to trace the original text in Italian and penalize me because I translated it into English and posted it on my website?"

As for copying other sites content, you should have created original content.

The good news is that translated content from one language to another is considered different content, not duplicated.

You site's structure is poorly laid out.  You in my opinion have gone about this site in mostly all the wrong ways.  Some of your blog pages should actually be the content of your main pages.  This really needs to be straightened out and soon.

Then you have some site speed issues.  Understand that Google uses the Mobile Index to rank your site and it doesn't look good for your.

According to Google your site is "SLOW !!" ( they be the judge in this ) and this is bad for you.  Most will bounce before the site loads up.   

Your results for
Here is google testing url, test it for yourself...

Your mobile page speed is 8.2 seconds on a 4G
connection - RATING Slow

All in all, your site is poorly laid out, you have many competing pages, your site is extremely slow.

My advice to you is this.
1.  You are targeting "English" because you site is in english.  I would consider creating a multi-lingual site, Italian and English.

2.  Hire a content writer and create original content.

3.  You site structure is bad, very bad.  Out source this to someone / company that knows what to do.

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news.  

Good advice?
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