hasan007 asked
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over a year ago

Is my domain forwarded perfectly?


12 days ago, I forwarded one by domain with another. Firstly, I copied my old domain to new domain along with all url, content with design. Then, I redirected 301 with .htaccess file.

Still now, I can see my old domain in google search result and when I clicked on it, it will take to my new domain.

Why I am not seeing my new domain instead of my old domain? If I did any mistake during the process, what it is? Can anyone suggest me to solve the issue?

  • Google still shows my old domain for search query I ranked in google.

  • In my new domain, some page/post still not indexed by google.

  • When I search my previous brand name in google, I can see both my old domain and new domain.

I will be grateful, if any one helps me to find out the problem and give suggestion to solve it

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