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i own a small e commerce store in gaming niche and seo in my niche is dominated by gaming giants like g2g.com , playerauction.com and i dont think ill be able to compete with them but there are other private websites which are doing pretty well like myownrank and buyacsgosmurf.com for words like "csgo accounts" "buy csgo accounts" "csgo prime accounts". my website is csgosmurfkings.com and im pretty much on the 2nd page in usa.

can anyone be kind enough to tell me whats the seo strategy adopted by buyacsgosmurf and myownrank? 

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you are way over-optimised for term CSGO. I also don't understand all the need for security. 

Bot protection, cloudflare, wordfence, Are you also blocking google bot ? 

Good advice?
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no we are not blocking google bot, ive put up such protection because gaming business is ugly business full of ddosers :)
Don't get me wrong security is an important issue. However, you have gone over the top for basically a blog. I can't help you much further as a lot of SEO tools cant be used on your site as you have banned them. But you really do need to look at the over optimising the site for a single term. including your keyword as many times as possible is not how you let google know you are the authority on this topic. It just becomes a spam site.
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