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Impact from the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

SEMRush sensor is reading 9.5!

What impact are you seeing from the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update?

So far I am seeing some fairly big moves across a number of sites - no clear pattern yet - will keep digging and analyzing.

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I keep checking basically hourly for updates. It seems this update is genuinely a "core" update, as SEMrush is reporting pretty consistent volatility throughout all types of industries. Will be interesting to see what Marie Haynes says about it.

Edit: 8th MAY
- Early signs are suggesting it's E-A-T related. Again.
- Some correlation to thin content

May be unrelated, but website's with monstrous backlink profiles seem to be not affected (in my main industry). Which I guess, again, would be the A in E-A-T.

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I have compered last three days then previous three days (Mon-Wed) it seems that our site is  moving up in organic searches....

I am trying add reference image here but i am not sure how to do this can you guide how to do this. 



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