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Thoughts on "My Computer Career Dot Com"

I am really wanting to get into the IT field. I am not really sure what I want to do. I just know I love working with computers and would love to know more about them. I love problem-solving and figuring things out. 

I am kind of a homebody and not sure where else to look for honest information from real people who work in these fields.  I would love opinions on degrees for IT programs and thoughts.. 

Wondering if anyone here works in these fields ( I know its broad ) and has some advice? 

Thank you so much. Nicola 

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Well if you like working from home by yourself and problem solving you could look at programming. It does require passion in order to learn and is 100% something you can do yourself through self-study. 

There are quite a few online courses to kick start you if you wanted and then StackOverflow will become your friend. 

As for gaining a degree, mmm. I used to run a company with over 2,500 employees. I always avoided programmers who had just come out of university with some degree. I always found them to think the world owed them a living and I was lucky to be able to employ them. Most times I would hire people who had the passion to get off their arse and learn themselves. It showed far more commitment. 

Working alone I agree you can get into some bad habits but read up as much as you can so you keep up with current standards, which a degree may not give you. 

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Making a GitHub with open source projects, displaying your skillset through repos you've created I should think would go a long way. I think as long as the experience is shown she'd be fine. Another option would be to freelance a little and get clients to give you a reference also. I'm very much anti-degree if it's something you can learn yourself. No joke, StackOverflow alone will teach you more than any university would.
Thank you Chedders & Matt.. I agree, I think the passion has to be there and is desired over a "certificate" Here in the states they tend to like "paper"... :/
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Welcome to the online or IT world. Here you will always find new types of updates. It is possible to build a career here, but you have to decide that you will move towards the goal.

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